Frequently asked questions

What is Sea & Shore jewellery made from?

Sea & Shore jewellery is made from high-quality, UV-protected resin (otherwise known as epoxy). Resin looks like glass and feels like plastic - it is extremely light and shatterproof.

What is used inside the jewellery?

We use locally-foraged botanical and oceanic elements such as shells, seaweed, fynbos, flowers, leaves, petals etc. We also use alcahol inks and gold/silver leaf.

Why is Sea & Shore so unique to South Africa?

We use specifically South African plants and oceanic elements. One of the plants we use is Fynbos - 'Fynbos' originating from a Dutch word meaning "fine bush" is a distinctive type of vegitation found only in South Africa, being the smallest floral kingdom in the world, with the largest diversity. Basically - the a lot of the plants we use cannnot be found anywhere else in the world.

Where is Sea & Shore created?

Sea & Shore is created in Kommetjie - a picturesque surfing village in Cape Town, South Africa.

Where can I buy Sea & Shore jewellery?

You can buy Sea & Shore jewellery on our shop on our website or Hello Pretty. You can also contact us directly.